Sunday, February 02, 2014

Happy Chunee paai Losar

Its chunipai losar
A self declared holiday
For a lad
Living life far away
Away from loved ones

And the day began
With a red rice porridge
Packed by you all
For my days
Away from you all

Clock may tick
Hours of noon
Where dried beef
Along with Bhutanese red chilli
Coiled by dried sag
May sit as menu
For losar's lunch

Day may bid good bye
With losar-ry sun over horizon
And i shall navigate my appetite
Spacing my belly
For a whisky
A whisky of highland
Landing hard together with
Softer sip of takin wine
Mandating myself
Another reason for holiday
In a name of hangover

Family and friends
Serve youself well
With a prayer in mind
To be bestowed with same moment
Again and again every year
With better days
And higher spirits.

Happy chunee paai losar!

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