Saturday, December 21, 2013

My perception on the state of "dependency".

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Dependency among living beings is indeed like a default computer programme.  Tiny and simple it may appear? But without it, larger and complicated software’s can’t be installed only, keep aside serving its intended purpose.  Similarly we are developed and grown with the aid of umbilical cord primarily responsible for supply of nutrients, without which the very human race would be endangered.

I am dependent and you are dependent. No one is independent. From larger perspective, we can conclude every living and non-living thing which derive its existence is dependent or more precisely are inter-dependent; a tiny particle to gigantic structure, a microscopic atom to a vast universe. None of us are independent of other in one way or the other.

Some may have an opinion of their own, like am not dependent but attached but you cannot be independent without the attachment. Our rate of attachment is/can be directly proportional to the dependency. Or, liberally we may use dependency and attachment as synonyms. No one is independent and so is with attachment. Indeed we are dependent from the time immemorial.

One’s state of mind can be a home to many feelings and emotions, but without that state called dependency, one will feel less of these moods and sensations. A happy moment alone cannot derive that desired ambience of its own, but a celebration in its essence helps in reaching that climax of emotion.  Thus dependency can be understood as a singular factor responsible for every state of mind and body. It’s like a 4.00 KB utorrent application, which enables download of GB’s data.

Like an internet explorer which in itself is a slow browser but necessary for downloading faster browser like Google chrome. It’s like a rear view mirror of a vehicle to assist reverse movement, which facilitates driver’s efficiency in doing so and with more ease, although not a necessity as it can also be done by out stretching driver's  body outward.

P.S ; This write up is in no way intended to express the views of others. Its my own thoughts, opinion and understanding of the heading and posted just to update my blog which has remained desolated for  so long. Finally my exams for the year 2013 is over and made myself available to scribble something rubbish for the sake of blog update. 


  1. ....4 KB power which is essential for downloading GB data.....Explorer, a slow browzer but necessary for downloading faster browzers like chrome....what an observation to explain dependency theory man ......

    1. Ajo,
      Thanks for the comment..but do you agree?..Did it make any sense?...need your feed back.


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