Sunday, November 04, 2012

Khuru : Ajmeri time pass

Every evening as the day farewells sun and dusk welcomes the moon (preferably night), travellers in the nine bogie Ajmer-Pushkar train sights four fellas throwing pair of dart-like wooden piece onto a wooden batten sized 30 cm X 10cm X 6 cm kept at 30 meter away from each other.

Highest Karey record holder in action!!
It so happened that we planned to play the Khuru game on blessed rainy day (2012) and got everything arranged. Though I and my friend did plan long time back to get pair of Khuru and accouterments during our return journey from home, every time our bag packs were air tight filled with nibbles and dried vegetables, that carrying of those items seemed bothersome.  This year as well we cared less but as few of them brought, we had to manage, for without a countable heads to play together, game isn’t going to be an remarkable and worth playing one to mark an occasion.

To get a pair of khuru isn’t a problem provided you have a sample and cash. Carpenters here, they just need a sample and that’s all, your khuru will be ready after a day. Here a pair of khuru without flight-facilitating-plastic wing (dro) costs Rs. 60 and pair of Baa (target) cost Rs. 350.
Bull's eye !!!

After that heart-throbbing blessed rainy day match, we played (mostly four of us) every evening and it turned out to be like a usual evening routine. At first it started with Ka-re-Da-ya match format, where one who hits (karey) the target gets Rs. 20 from each player and one who manage to count a Da-ya earns Rs. 10. Though it delights to be at the receiving end, it equally sucks to be at the other. Owing to one’s bank balance and Rs. 15000 per month cash withdrawal limit by Druk PNB (more precisely RMA), this format didn’t last long.

We started with an every-evening record setting format. In this format, we count only Ka-reys and there is no count for Da-ya. The players with the highest ka-rey have to play first, followed then by others with lesser ka-reys. This format is not money oriented and indeed a format to enhance one’s hitting skill.  

As we played every evening with the same format, the highest ka-rey till now on record is 18. An hilarious fact to be revealed; we hit the same target 18 times in a span of two- three hours, where on some other occasions even after playing for the whole day, your counts climbs only to 5 at the max.

Every evening as we play, we draw our fellow country mates and Ajmerii folks as a spectator. On one occasion I overheard those Ajmmerii folk’s conversations. He seemed to be so impressed with our hitting abilities that he complimented us by saying “you all don’t need a gun to fight, you can hit equally with this one”.


  1. I am not much of a khuru player but I think it is important that we take pride and interest in the game. It is a part of our culture.
    It was interesting.

  2. Khuru in India!!
    we also played for some time in 2011 in the college ground and as a matter of fact, we still have the khurus with us. We even had a competition with Bhutanese Students near by our college. And it was pretty exciting, I can still feel that thrill and excitement.

  3. @Tshewang, nice to know that, for us it has become our daily evening routine and we enjoy playing.
    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving comment.


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