Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My untamed mind.

In life nothing seems to happen the way you like it to happen.  We tend to do bad things even after knowing it is not good.  We always hurry in doing new things in the name of “giving a try”. Never taking pride in giving second thought(s).  Some leads to inconsolable regrets while some ushers to unattainable level of satisfaction and beautiful moments. Those who have courage to fight, do minus their regrets. But for those, who fear(ed) fighting, adds sour onto already unhealed wounds.
Words of Buddha say “every time one loses control over mind, one just have to concentrate on one’s breathing. Take a long breath and observe”. I remember this line from the book Old Path White Clouds by Thich Nhat Hanh. Though said words are in my own language, i wish I did not mis-convey the message. And sorry if I did (lol).
I tried practicing few times and it really helped in my concentration and mind controlling. Before reading this book, I was not aware about my mind. I always thought mind never misguides or lead you in the wrong way. That’s why I always listened to my mind. Lately I realized it’s not true. For instance, many times even after closing my eyes and remaining still in bed, I was never able to sleep. Though my body was dead still, mind never was. It traveled far, near, length and breadth with ideas, plans, dreams, wishes, etc.  Without the mind within myself, I cannot set my other senses to rest. To render one’s body to sleep, foremost thing I need to do was, set the mind to rest. When my mind stopped lingering with thoughts after thoughts, my eyes closed for its genuine cause and body calmed and set itself into sleep mode.

Mind is one ingredient of my form, that cannot be tamed easily. Some does overcome this disease with meditation and pre-action thoughts. But many like me fall prey to it. Drug addiction, laziness, careless actions, inattentive  etc. are all caused due to un-taming of mind.

Mind like a tender seedling, needs nurturing insights, fertilizer like nutritional advice and water like quenching communication at infant stage and counseling at later stage.


  1. Hi Pema,
    Khuru has never been my game but reading your post I feel I would have enjoyed it because it would have kept me closer to home. This is what I read between your lines and I bet you enjoyed it for the same reason.
    Nice post.

  2. Norbu Sir,
    Thank you for taking time in visiting my blog posts. I guess you placed comment on wrong post.lol
    have a great days !

  3. I am very sorry Pema, I think it would help people who want to comment if you can remove the verification that says prove you are not a robot. I was also with the same setting but Langa Tenzin advised and it helps to get comments easily posted.


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