Monday, October 15, 2012

Where is our women activist?

After reading the story titled "women activists call for tough action against wild planters" in Bhutan observer, i was of a opinion something really big is going to happen. She demanded government to have DNA bank of all men who have studied at Sherubtse in the last 25 years. She warned government that failing in taking decision by 5th march 2012, she and her group will come out on the street. The set target against her demand from government was stoning of Sherubtse college gate and protest on the Royal Thimphu College campus on 8th March 2012.

But even after passing her dateline (8th March 2012) nothing happened. Even i didn't see follow up story from the Bhutan observer. It's certainly like watching a movie from halfway, where you fail to understand the story, the character and the genre of the movie.
Few questions aroused within me on it are;
Did nothing happen afterwards?
It did happen without anyone's notice!
Did media fail to cover the story?
Else, is Bhutan too early for such movements?
Was she muted by higher authority?

More interestingly and on humorous side, i ask; Did she lack public supports unlike  Arvind Kejriwal; an Indian social activist,who always have a huge public support at his disposal or did she fail to fast unlike Kisan Baburao Hazare; another Indian social activist popularly known as Anna Hazare, who can fast till his demands are fulfilled.

Note: It's all my personal thought and urge readers not to draw conclusion on it.

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