Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Thieves for nothing.

It’s been one year. We travelled twice back to home (Bhutan), leaving all things locked as usual. Not once did thief/thieves break into our rented apartments. None of the Bhutanese studying in Ajmer, Rajasthan, India was of an opinion that Ajmeri folks would study about our absence and break into our apartments as cleverly as they did.

heck saw  mark:P
They (thief/thieves) heck sawed our main door latch, yet none of our neighbors noticed.  All luggage bags lock carefully levered, screwed and casually unzipped. None of the suitcase and luggage bags were randomly torn as supposed to be, when stolen. Onto it, they even didn’t mix our things with each other’s as they searched for something worthy enough to take. Each belonging were hilled near to one’s own case (thank you, you all made it easy for us to segregate and collect our own items :p).
Surprisingly nothing was taken. But then what did they break in for. It’s a question that still lingers within me and my roommate’s helpless mind. Also what will they take, when nothing valuable like laptops, gadgets and money were left behind? After all none amongst us is so much so fool to keep our valuable things behind in an empty temporary apartment in foreign place as they supposed us to be.
incomplete search??
Never thought present generation of thieves will be so selective. They take so much risk and still don't take a thing, if it's not what they have intended for. HATS OFF, your choice and ours didn't

It’s indeed a lesson to our fellow friends who stay in a rented apartments, to not to leave valuable things back. These days we cannot rely on locks, it can easily be hammered or heck sawed like ours. This time we proved, we are Bhutanese and we are clever in our own way. They broke in ours, but they failed.  So make sure, you are not NEXT, even if you are, make sure you are not victimized.

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