Sunday, June 24, 2012

Wangdue phodrang Dzong and Me.

wangdue phodrang dzong

The then was year 2009,
Me; a young chap,
With a punk haircut; look of a naughtiness
Walked through
Thy mighty gate that opened with a creaky noise,
With a appointment letter
Neatly folded.

Thy gusty wintry breeze, welcomed me
Together with alternate heavenly ring
On every spin of the gigantic Mani Dungkors,
That you hold at the gate.

The then was year 2010,
Me; still a young chap,
With a decency; transforming look
Walked to and fro
Thy lengthy timber balcony, that overlooks the stone paved courtyard.
With project files;
Drawn, estimated, monitored and completed.

Thy true content of spirituality, blessed me
With many trainings and workshops
That indeed added
Wisdom, knowledge,
Experience and exposure.

The then was year 2011,
Me; an ambitious chap,
With a hunger; for knowledge
Walked out
Thy mighty gate, which sees a dzong renovation project
With a letters;
Resignation, Relieving order, experience letter.

Thy renovation project in full swing, induced in me
A zeal and zest
Update and upgrade my own intellectual beauty

Now in 2012,
Me; a college student,
With a carefree life: into craziness
Thy beautiful color, magnificent architecture, fume into air and gutted down into ashes
On national television, and social websites.

Thy true value, our fore fathers founded,
Lucky us
They passed onto us with many added values,
Yet we failed to pass onto next generation
For we are selfish and less concerned.

Photo source : Thank you so much, sorry if am not suppose to re-produce.


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