Wednesday, February 08, 2012

I'm Uncle!

Aku and Ashang Wangyel
Lately i realized i'm no more a kid and never knew time ticks this fast  untill then. I'm just in second year of my degree and already a uncle to five niece's and five nephew's. Only with a title "uncle" did i realize that i'm no more a teen and have already entered manhood. By virtue of being the youngest among siblings, was of a opinion that i'm still a young boy who have a luxury of age to play, be care free, cry ,be pampered, etc. But in reality not any more do i own mother's warm and comfortable lap to enjoy its warmth for i'm uncle and too big to fit onto mom's lap now.

Hadn't my brother's and sister's attained parent hood i might be the happiest brother with all attentions onto me,  even being applauded for serious crime i commit, but than with this statement that doesn't mean i'm being less cared  & loved and scolded for the slightest mischief i do now.
Though i hated the title uncle; as it indicates the growth in oneself with losing of cheerful, charming and fun filled youth days, with them around, they didn't give me a reason to feel so. I love having them around me. I remember wishing for a younger sister and brother once, but now with them around me, keep aside the dream and wish of having younger brother and sister, they even sufficed me of having my own kids.
With each passing day, i wish them tonnes of happiness, excellence in every endeavor they pursue and fruitful rewards of success to every step of their's.
I only wish, had your uncle been a good writer, i could have replicated this post with my own feelings, love for you all and thanking you all enough for bringing growth, maturation and sense in me to be ABLE UNCLE! love you all.

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