Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Drive in snow

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The sky was clear with usual wintry breeze around and i was on my way to drop my sister to a nearby town. Though dragon's above forgot to roar (later realized that lightning and thundering are heard and seen only during rainy season), the birds around feared to sing and even stopped flying around except a host of sparrows.

After about two hours tedious drive through valley and sharp turns from our home town we reached at uncles place (farm house named Galengbe garden located at about fifteen minutes drive from Chamkhar town along Thimphu-Trashigang highway). The moment we entered the living room, i flung towards the Bhukharee (metal oven fuelled with firewood) like a boy who finally meets his girl after ages. Aunt (Nene in Bumthap) served us with hot milk tea and i was lost in the warmth of burning Bhukharee watching  the live musical show  "the talent hunt by mila communications". I was totally lost in the warmth of the burning  Bhukharee and the sweet voice of those youngsters that i even forgot to see the time, but by then it was already dusk.

I turned down the idea of staying the night at uncle's place, as the next day is Nyelo (Bhutanese winter solstice) for which i have planned a program with my friends few days before, so i did reach sister at her place and hurriedly turned the car and started my journey back home.

On my way back home i could see drops on the car's window shield, which initially was easy to wipe with shield wiper. Now the drops grew thicker and fell with increased frequency making the wiper alone difficult for the task for which i have to switch the heater on. The idea of working the dual together increased my visibility but only to be tricked and outdone by heavy and continuous fall later.

Within an hour of fall, it has already blanketed the earth and so has injected enough worries in mom and sister back at home. Now along with increased magnitude and frequency of fall that i could see on my front window shield, my phone started ringing after every turn and twist i'm done with. I was touched by their solicitude and for some time was lost in thoughts only to be brought to sense with minor skid. The road ahead looks like white carpet with sparkling tints induced by the lights of car.

With fear ascertained by minor skid, neither did i take my hands off the steering wheel nor did i increase the gear from second. I did breath a sigh of relieve only after i parked the car and entered the main door of my home. Although i'm a licensed driver who did cross the east west pass for several times, never did i drive in snow and this very drive almost took my breath away. Lucky to have a mom who cares a lot and who always make sure that her kids are safe.

Back at home with a will to subside my coldness, flung towards the Bhukharee with a cup filled with hot steaming Suja (butter tea) and finally took out my phone and updated  my facebook status "Ura (in Bumthang valley) welcomes new year 2012 with snow fall".


  1. that was a good experience for an already experienced driver. interesting post.

  2. i'm from bumthang and drove the way time and again, but never once in snow!..lol

  3. Snow – the unnecessary freezing of water is an inspiration for a nature poet, but trouble for an ordinary pedestrian or a motorist… Interesting post. keep it up!


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