Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy Birthday Your Majesty!

Bhutanese student's studying in Rajasthan joins the nation, as nation embarks  another joyous occasion in the history of Drukyul; 32nd Birth Anniversary of His Majesty King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck. 
As the dawn gives its way to the joyful day, none did fear the hot and humid weather that awaits us, which with very thought of it, induces lazyness and tiredness otherwise. All dressed in colorful gho's and kira's, greets each other with their trademark smiles and wide open arms. Wish to write more but guess picture speaks louder than words. 
That's how our altar look , Happy Birthday Your majesty.
As we wait for the chief guest, Director Major Basti Ram, Bhagwant University
Arrival of Director (Chief guest)
BSA Secretary with the welcome speech
Director with BSA Vice President offering khadar to His Majesty.
Everyone on their feet, with head held high with national anthem

Chief Guest with his wonderful remarks.  

Student speaker highlighting the day.

Cake cutting ceremony

Everyone with their  watery mouth, (when will i get my share!!!!? for it's Our Kings Birthday Cake).
We wish your Majesty a very happy birthday
 May you ever be humble,
May you ever be compassionate,
May you ever be charming,
May you ever live,
May we ever be subject to
Our King,
Happy Birthday Your Majesty!!! 

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