Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ama; I'm coming home

Though it's been just a four months stay here and away from my AMA, it seemed  like years for me. The moment i got the examination schedule and carefully taking note of completion date, discussed with my friends and rushed to city for ticket reservations. Exams started and i gave in everything i have, for it's my future i'm writing, not the subjects that i should pass (feels good when matured thoughts pricks me....though not very often).

Those four months seemed a long stay, i missed her food, her voice, in actual there isn't anything that would suffice my miss for her. I call and talk with her when  ever my senses say  i'm missing her, does so with a hope to lower the mom missing meter,  but the feel of longing adds up with her very ending note; Sem gas pathro ( Bumthap dialect),  my supposed  translation of it could be "she is happy to hear me", at the end of every conversation between two of us.

Though my brothers and sisters always update every happenings at home through their possible means of communications, i  can't stay away from that thought; missing of my AMA. Especially those updates from my two monk brothers at mysore adds onto it. After every supposed debate between brothers about engineering (my field of study) and Buddhist philosophy (their field of study), that we usually fill the conversation with, they would rather share with much excitement and cheerfulness, that  even when they call, Ama always answers the phone asking; Is it wangyel!. And sometimes in the midst of talks and debates, two of them use to say; isn't Ama missing us, but to that i would always reply with, may be by virtue of being the youngesst.

But for now, the bungalow in which  we stay is filled with no voice, no books, for everyone is busy packing their stuffs except me, as i'm  trying hard to  connect my poor thoughts with even much poorer write up skills. Though its filled with silence except the headset in my ear, i could sense one thing in common, everyone is excited, and looking forward to meet their dear and near ones soon. Never did i see such excitements in my mates face, not even when they are dead drunk with Indian brandy's.

I pray, wish and hope to find my AMA in best of her health with cheer full face as always. AMA I'M COMING HOME!!!!!


  1. Happy Journey and have a wonderful vacation. Your Ama might be eagerly waiting for you.

  2. Wangyel,

    I can very well understand the intensity of you feelings here. The intensity with which you miss your dear ama are touching. you really sound like a youngest son still feeding on breast milk from your mother.

    I too wish eming Thinley a very happy and cheerful life ahead. I think she is the most luckiest mon on this planet with all beautiful sons and daughters who have now grown up to be a very very distinguished personality in their own ways.

    homecoming and goings are always nostalgic. Enjoy your break with your dear ama. and ya convey my heartfelt respect and wishes for her too....

    Ajo Kuenzang

  3. Ajo,

    Thank you for visiting my blog.

    And i will definitely convey your sweet regards and wishes to Ama, and regarding the breast feeding, i wish Ajo, but the sad thing is keep aside that, i even lost Ama's warm lap to my two nephews. haha
    Looking forward to come with much refreshed mood and energy after my vacation with Ama.

    with lost of wishes to Ajo and family.

    Noo Wangyel

  4. Safe Journey and a happy vacation bro. :)

  5. really touched me...cos i am also waiting to start my journey to meet my mom...

    Safe journey sir and make it the best vacation ever...

  6. @gayatri bhandari sir.....thank you for your sweet comment....wishing you too the same..have fun with your mom...have fun!!!

  7. @langa tenzin...thank you and wishing you the same...have fun bro!!!

  8. so sweet of u................wish to ve a son lik u who luvs mom a lot................

  9. Mamas boy...luv ur luv towards ur mother..cheers


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