Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Fight Against COVID-19: Conscious and collective effort


If one thought that;

Money can bribe the virus,
An athletic body can resist the virus,
And a human can propel ahead of the virus,

than probably, we need to re-think and re-consider our thought processes, habits and actions. A rich, an athletic [ considering him to be healthy as well] and the fastest man on the planet could not save himself.

While wishing him a speedy recovery and praying for his health, let us also invoke our inner self and re-look into our actions. Am i being responsible? How am i helping myself? For, at this juncture, one can only aspire to and excel in helping others if and if only one exceeds in self-assessing ones action in the first place.

We trudged through half of the year 2020; fighting and trying to contain the pandemic. A victory for now seems a catch-22; as it appears, is a far cry too, while conceding to the defeat is neither a choice nor an option.

While we all can pretend to be more philanthropic, qualified and capable, our endurance, dedication and collective action only shall withstand the test of the time.

Picture courtesy: NDTV instagram page

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