Friday, May 09, 2014

Letter to my Father.

Dear Father,

How have you been? I hope you are doing well. It’s been awhile that you didn’t visit me in my dream. But I’m not upset, thing is i missed you.

Meanwhile, I know this letter from your son will surprise you. Guess it’s my first letter to you. I regret for not writing to you too often. But then Apa! You know it well that I was too young to scribble my own name on our doors with stolen chalk’s from school, keep aside writing letters. Also those days, you were a farmer and I thought you can’t read and write. And when I was eloquent enough to write and speak out my feelings you have already gone. I am writing now, for people say angels are linguist and well versed in every language the human species own. I hope you can?  If not do let me know in my dream, will send you videos instead (kidding). This time you may ask your angel friends to read it for you.

Do you remember the last thing you said to me? …. Don’t think much dad, I do remember that and that’s what I will cherish throughout my life. By the way, i am supposed to share you my good news. Sorry for being carried away by all those emotional thoughts.

The good news is,  I’m left with a month to sit for my final exams and if I’m lucky enough, within next few months or so I will be an able-man; a handsomely paid job, a latest car to drive, loving wife (not that fast) to hold hand and handsome and beautiful children (after some years) to inherit your blood.  But then, my dream took too long to occur and the journey was way too time-consuming that I lost you on my way (even before I started). I had all that I needed to dream high; a loving Ama, supportive and caring siblings (your presence would have been a plus point). Yet it took me years to reach my destination. My complacency and casualness cost me big time and I am only to be blamed for my own failure. Sorry for not being able to make best use of time and resources that you all blessed me with.

However, the journey one travel seldom matters when you reach the destination and here I am; about to embark a new phase of life with greater purpose and eagerness.  Though the path that I travelled was bit a bumpy taking me awhile to reach where I am destined to, I embrace that happy and not so happy reminiscence with less regrets. And Apa! I request you to join me in my success-applause, for what I am today is only because of you and Ama’s continuous love and care.

Did I bore you? Hehe..Your son talks a lot na? Sorry I took lot of your time. Anyways I will share you more next time.  Bye and missing you every second.

With love
Your loving son.


  1. Good one ...keep writing... I see a writer in u Dear!!!

  2. It is a beautiful letter. I felt goose pimples.
    I like, "people say angels are linguist and well versed in every language the human species own"

    1. Thank you sir for the read and leaving back a comment.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you. Also do you mind sharing who you are? Sorry!could not recognize you though i went through your profile. hope you won't mind.


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