Monday, September 23, 2013

Thruebab: Not a happy ending!

My Thirsty mobile
Truly it was Thruebab! Seldom does Rajasthan experience heavy down pour and hardly has it coincided with an occasion unlike this time, with Bhutanese Thruebab: Blessed rainy day. And more than being cleansed with sins and getting blessed with health, luck, wealth, fortune, harmony within, it damaged  my only priceless possession ; my four year old mini N97 mobile phone.

It was a lovely day. Weather was so pleasant, so much so that, your skin will do well even without a drop of sun block, if in a play field.  Like usual Bhutanese Losar days, my day started with rice porridge with paneer, and then followed by tea (Nga Ja) with zaw and biscuits. We limited our Thruebab menu to rice, mutton curry, chicken curry, ema datsi, papad, boiled egg, milk dessert with fruits covering and Mcdowell brandy.

Day was bliss; until god (Buddhist God) discharged buckets of water in the name of celebration and I lost my grip over phone, which certainly like a predestined sponge, sipped every drop on its face before switching to off-mode. Even after burrowing it in bag of rice for a night considering its absorbent character, I could not bring it to live and now I feel incomplete.

These days how handicap and disconnected we feel. Being dependent on those modern day gadgets takes your peace of mind away, should you ever lose it. Now, my only prayer is to hear good news from a mobile shop of its quick recovery at minimum cost (lol). Hope, anyone reading this post will take a moment from their busy schedule to join me in my prayer…ahhaha..

Have a wonderful week and take care of your things!


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