Wednesday, December 05, 2012

As i travel my life's journey : One year old!

The day I knew about blogging and the blog was when I saw Sogyel’s blog post shared on Facebook wall. That was the day I thought of blogging. Though he really did not introduce me to the blogging world, I accredit this to him for I got introduced to this wonderful world of writing, reading and learning through his blog. With a blog content equivalent to some others’ one month’s it may seem as bit of exaggeration when I say wonderful world of writing, but seriously I enjoy reading those write ups in blogs I follow and little of my own. Nevertheless I try to write and post those bits and pieces of thoughts that I could capture on my blog, though it won’t fit to be termed as writing.

 I am celebrating my one year old blog-anniversary. You see, this is my pride in owning an almost empty blog. Sometimes it makes me feel weird; blowing a mistuned trumpet. But it isn’t about my blog content, but the values and inspirations I derived from those blogs/bloggers. Every time I open my blog, I spend more in reading others blog updates than writing/updating my own. I not only try and learn to write, but through this blog of mine I try to share my love to photography and sketches (coming with others.

 In one year of my blogging although I have only nineteen posts, I can proudly say I read hundreds. As of now, my blog total page view counts 4814 with 40 Google followers and 16 networked blog followers amongst which I have bloggers like peldhe sonam nima, nobu, sogyelqinza, leythro, langa, riku and all to name few from whom I derive my inspiration, passion and zeal to write.

As usual by virtue of being one poor man with poorest head, have a tendency to fall short of ideas, words and fail in expressing my thoughts properly. So before i really run short of all those, I end my blogoversary note by thanking all those wonderful people for inspiring me and wishing to have plenty of write ups to read, photographs and sketches of my own and cross million counts of page views and  hundreds of followers like other bloggers in times to come.
    Thank you one and all!

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