Saturday, February 25, 2017

Force of Nature.

Sky getting noisy!

I can hear the clouds grumble,
Are they angry?
I can hear the clouds shout,
Are they frustrated?
I can hear them talk,
Did they come into terms with eachother?
I can hear them whisper,
Are they back from hybernation?

Oh no oh no,
They aint in terms,
Its getting louder,
Its not a bucket of water they gonna pour,
Its ball of hail stone,
Bigger than the checker ball,

Earth getting wet!

I can feel the dew drops,
Did the sky above pee?
I can feel the warm breeze,
Did the trees around exhale?

Oh yes oh yes

The  earth, sky and the trees,
They are all set,
Ready to fare well winter,
And well come spring,
 To begin with,
Here is the first shower of the year,
Bathing the sandy Ajmer,
Sipping through and through,
The sandy Rajasthan.
P.S Not a latest one , wrote some time  around  year 2014

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