Sunday, July 24, 2016

Ode to my KING

The earth and its might,

Shook the world and crumbled hopes,

While the world saw chaos,

And felt the devastation,

I saw hope,

For my KING,

With his own hand,

Debris aside and dust clinging,

Built a fort of love,

And knitted a fabric of care.

The fire and it's flame,

Burnt the world and tarnished dreams, 

While the world saw ashes,

And smelt smoke,

I was dreaming,

For my KING,

With his gentle blow,

Extinguished fire and smoke snuffed out,

Lit a lamp of dream,

Flared rays of love with aroma of happiness.

The wind and its gust,

Toppled the world and swiped the dreams, 

While the world was smashed,

And breathe dust,

I was flapping,

For my KING,

With his stiff feet,

Anchored dreams and hoisted hope,

With love flapping and happiness whistling.
The water and its current,

Flooded the world and drowned hopes,

While the world was washed away,

And gulped water,

I was off-shore,

For my KING,

With his ocean of care,

Drained sorrows and watered hope,

With breeze of love,

Happiness thus restored.

Picture courtesy: His Majesty's Facebook page

1 comment:

  1. You wrote a very beautiful poem and I love your photos that illustrated the feelings so precisely. Well done friend!

    Greetings from Malaysia.


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