Friday, March 29, 2013

Bhutanese in Ajmer celebrating HOLI!!

The day was cool, clouds beneath the sun blocked the scorching rays providing blanket of shades, cool breeze conditioned the surrounding and chirping birds were on their melodious note as the Hindu folks around the vicinity joined to celebrate Holi: The festival of colors.
From the very start of the day, many celebrants thronged our apartment’s entrance gate carrying colors, beating drums, singing, shouting and calling us to open the gate for them and join their celebration. We remained silent inside, fearing at any moment if they manage to open the gate or if we happen to open it for them; we will be painted and turned into dirty canvas of their random skills. Happily, they didn’t force us to join their celebration.
Happy Holi!!!!!!!!!!
But, no sooner did those Hindu folks leave, our own Bhutanese friends paid uninvited visit with packets of colors and started painting each other from head to toe. Color fight gained its momentum first within friend circle and later the whole Bhutanese in Ajmer. After every fight and so called uninvited visit with colors, numbers increased rapidly. With increased number, we decided and made compulsory within ourselves that, none of the Bhutanese should be left unpainted and spared.
Color Attack!!!
Many surrendered and sacrificed their pretty face, branded clothes and tidy rooms to our so-called Holi celebration though either of us had any idea about the history behind the Holi festival. Very few escaped it, as combined footsteps and a whisper of such a big number was loud enough to warn them from far distance only. Although they managed to hide themselves within the confine of four walls and the door latch, they hastily left their things outside at our mercy and it felt prey to our random painting skills.
Tom & Jerry Color chase!! Catch me if you can????
Although the day started with surprise color attack and Tom & Jerry like color chase, it ended well with photograph & refreshment session followed by washing and laundry session (lol) which i feel, might have definitely pleased Detergent companies.
After an awful color fight day, I Googled to find out bit about history behind the very celebration and here’s what history says:
As per the Hindu calendar, Holi is celebrated on the Phalgun Purnima which comes in February or March in the Gregorian calendar. The festival is looked upon as a triumph of good over evil. One is expected to let go of negative emotions like jealousy, rivalry and abhorrence and embrace all with love. The celebration lasts for two days and on the first day of the festival bonfire is lighted that signifies burning the evil and bad. This ritual is known as 'Holika dahan' According to the Holy Scriptures of Hinduism, Holika was the sister of the demon King Hiranyakashipu. Hiranyakashipu became arrogant and started defying God after receiving a boon from them. The son of the king, Prahlada, however, was a devotee of Lord Vishnu. The king took it as an insult and sentenced him to death. But all his effort to kill Prahlada went in vain as he had the blessing of Vishnu. After many failed attempts to kill Prahlada, Hiranyakashipu finally decided to burn him and Holika, who had the boon that no fire could ever burn her, volunteered to sit in the burning pyre with Prahlada on her lap. But to everyone's astonishment fire consumed Holika instead. Since then on the day before Holi, Holika is burnt to commemorate the incident.

                                                              Happy Holi!!!


  1. seems you had wonderful color celebration, and sometimes color remains for about a week or two!!

  2. SO many of Indian friends have knocked my doors too since 2 days before Holi, and I have never opened my door and that was how I escaped!...:P
    Seems you people had your own celebration which is nice!..

  3. Sangay,
    Here we played safe (lol), we didn't use liquid and other colors except washable color it became easier for us to wash...
    thank you for taking time in reading my post and leaving a comment...

  4. Tshewang,
    Same here, many Indian people came here as well, but at last since Bhutanese friends came and had to
    we had celebration of our own...just kind of color fight than celebration..hehe
    Thank you for the comment bro...

  5. You have made a great day filled with joy and entertainment. A similar kind of festival is going on in Thailand since yesterday, splashing water and painting faces.. they call it Songkran.

    Enjoyed reading you post... keep blogging...

  6. Dorji,
    Wishing you happy Songkran.Thank you for the visit.


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