Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Damchong; Victim of careless castration.

Our government expends huge amount of money every year or so in male dog sterilization/neutering programs. It could be well intended initiatives. It could be noble intention and for a noble cause. Its objectives like canine population control, genetic-disease control, behavioral modification, medical health benefits, prevention of unwanted litters could seemly benefit society.

But what advantage do poor dogs have? Rather they are being deprived of what we human immensely desire for; parenthood, family, love, romance and pleasure.  Out of many so considered noble intentions, I see very little benefits for those poor animals compared to those welfares we derive. We human beings being blessed as superior to all living beings tend to derive comforts on the expense of those inferior ones lives. Keep aside being benefitted medically and psychologically, they suffer immensely aftermath, swelled testicles, blood discharge, weak body and loss of appetite being common scenario. Never did I realize all these until I saw my dog-Damchong suffer due to failed/careless sterilization.
Before castration- Damchon with Macho looks!
My family, especially my mother has an unconditional love and is a necessity for her to own a dog. Not as a pet but as a friend, guard and a helping hand. For a farmer, owning a dog can be like having a responsible family member. Farmers only opulence can be store full of rich harvest at the end of year long hardships, toiling labor and sacrifices. Dogs assist them in guarding fields at night from wild animals giving them a moment to rest their tired body, guard properties while they are out assuring them a peace of mind, provides company while they are alone. Damchong is one of responsible and able family member. Really dogs are mans’ best friend and Damchong is my closest buddy, my younger brother.
After castration-Pathetic look
But, after the so called medically beneficial initiative, he is reduced to shadow of Damchong then. His loud, husky and bold barks are now almost mute and seldom utter a word. His strong, macho, dominating and fearful character into a serfdom gaze. His playful and skillful runs into mere and clumsy walk.  His appreciated appetite is no more around him, just a smell and seems he had it to brim. His furry tail no more wags and he shy’s away from welcoming us.  He is totally reduced to a SHADOW. Now, I know his days are numbered and only regret me and my family will have, be guilty and haunted for many times to come will be having him shown to a careless, inhumane, butcher, stone-alike veterinary doctor(s).
Swollen testicle- Gift from the veterinary  experts.
These days’ animals are given less priority just because they are ANIMAL; a lesser being. We intentionally neglect or tend to neglect or accept negligence on performing our responsible duty on them. Though we see supreme obligation onto those qualified professionals who were intellectually trained for years to perform duty upon whose name they earn bread & butter and a living, seems too casual and less obliged. We just have to realize that as much as we desire to and love living, they does. Their body is no different from ours. It’s made up of flesh and blood and they too feel the pain as we do.

Let’s not forget what religion says “we don’t have single creature who haven’t been our parents, every being has been our parent in one life or the other, every being is our parent”


  1. though we are human, we tend to show less humanity to whom we should be human!! such is our cruelty to animals with all sturdy mindset and act!!

  2. Sangay,
    Thank you for taking time to read my posts and for the comment as well.
    Human with so little humane..hehe


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