Thursday, March 15, 2012

Auto No.RJ.01.PA.0389

The man and the machine..
He sits his ten months old baby girl while his wife prepares his breakfast and packs his lunch for the day. After having filled his half projected belly with deliciously prepared break fast by his wife, he hurrys toward his three wheeled car; Auto rickshaw no. RJ.01.PA.0389. He ignites the engine and, as it warms, he stretches his long arm over the window shield and the yellow painted metallic sheets, giving them a rough and quick make-up of the day.   His wife holding the ten months baby with right hand, hands him his three storey tiffin filled with curd (Dhai) in the first, roti in the second and fried potato with rich spices in the third with other hand. She waves as she watch him drive through the sandy road linking their home to NH-89 (national highway).This is how 24 years old Mahamad Khalid and his wife Nasma khan start their day, atleast for six days a week, for sunday he takes day off to spent with his small family, also his passengers are off that day. Its been their usual routine since august 2010. 
Mahamad Khalid; 5'10" tall, weighing 73kg, with shyly  projected belly, though every care has been taken to have it within, beard and mustache that obviously disagrees with his so said age, cutely shaped butt in a tight pant,  is the man behind the three wheeled Auto no. RJ.01.PA.0389.
His meet with the Bhutanese dates back to August 2010, when first batch of Bhutanese students studying in Bhagwant University started availing his auto service to pick and drop them from college, since then he was never short of sawarey (passenger as they call here) and students never had to wait for a auto or cab to bypass. With increase in number of Bhutanese students every year, everyone around him can see him with a regular and secured lot of sawareys. 
to be continued....


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