Saturday, December 03, 2011

journey INTO BLOG!

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So many thoughts poured, pricked, drenched, invaded,...........knocked (don't know which word describes it the best) my mind, as i tried to create my own blog with a dream to pen down my thoughts in a way that i wish. One thought says i should go with it and other says you can't (even better don"t), but the only question that I'm afraid of is, what will i have in my blog?  since i owe richness, meaning and thoughts in substance, that i post if ever its intended to be read by someone. This thought gave birth to my disclaimer note, which did add enough safety factor to my cheap thoughts, poor grammar etc.

Thoughts after thoughts and thoughts onto thoughts, and at last decided to BLOG! But in the very first move only, i was lost with; title for my blog?????? For every title i suggested myself with, i had my own mind opposing it, rather leaving me helpless than doing any good. Whatsoever finally i made my mind and came with a title; wangyelsblog (this too is changed to pemawangyelsblog now).

Done with the title!, though its still empty and not properly organized the way i wish it to be, it gave me hope; Good going!. Then started browsing my supposed 0.5GB (great brain) brain for an idea, so as to go with what i have started and fill the empty post space.I couldn't opt and think for something different to write, when i have the best topic to write,"Their majesties audience with Bhutanese students studying in Rajasthans at Rambargh palace". After scribbling what not for a while, uploaded a photo of His Majesty the king and Queen along with students (downloaded from Her Majesties facebook page), within a second, it became my first post followed by inaugural race of  2011 Formula 1 air tel  grand Prix of India (only to be deleted while trying to change the design of my blog).

Those two posts got deleted while trying to design my blog and now the blog is empty, and on the other hand my exams nearing and needs preparations. So decided not to ruin two at once (examination for blog and otherwise).

This is my journey into blogging world and stepped into this world with a hope to enhance myself  with comments , suggestions from all the bloggers around. So do wish me luck!

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